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There are "Before" and "After" photos below, and more on my facebook page and my Thumbtack page. Not all of my clients are comfortable with taking photos and we never pressure anyone. What you see is a random sampling of my work with certain clients that were kind enough to give me permission to share uncomfortable images of their personal setbacks followed by wonderful images of their eventual success and ability to overcome so much.

The physical labor, mental and emotional support involved in what I do as an organizer can't be captured by a photo. Decluttering and organizing moderate to severe clutter is a progressive process that can be overwhelming to many. 'After' photos reveal the visible results of working through the stress points that created the clutter, and finding a system to manage it that is tailored to each client's lifestyle and works best for them.

These 'after' photos are proof that each person can mindfully reclaim and maintain their space. Each image is the culmination of all the time, effort, discomfort, tears, discovery, learning, laughter, smiles and joy that are part of the process of decluttering and organizing.

For me personally, it's about trust. Each person that has allowed me to take and share 'before/after' photos has placed their trust in me, not only to guide them through the organizing process from start to finish, but to use the images wisely and with care. I'd like to thank them all for sharing this trust with me, and for allowing me to share these proof positive photos with you.


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