Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge for estimates?

Estimates for home organizing are free. An average estimate takes approximately 30 minutes to an hour. If, however, you think your home needs extensive organization or clutter removal please feel free to request an in-depth assessment.  I'll meet you on site to determine the amount of work needed and the length of time it will take, in order to give you an estimated price quote for labor and any additional services that may be required.

Please keep in mind that this will be an estimate only. The speed at which we are able to organize your home always depends on the speed at which you, the homeowner, can make decisions about what needs to stay versus what can be tossed or donated, as well as the quantity of paperwork that needs to be sorted and organized.

I complete all estimates myself. If I am not personally available for your work session, I will assign trusted team members to complete the job.

How do I make an appointment?

Call or email any time. Estimates and work sessions are schedule on a first come - first served basis. If you have a deadline that you need to meet, please be sure to let me know when you contact me.

Can I change or cancel an appointment?

I understand that life is busy and plans can often change suddenly. Please contact me 48 hours in advance if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment.  I'm always happy to work around your schedule but I will charge a $25 cancellation fee for appointments that are cancelled without 48 hours prior notice.

Illness? Please cancel your appointment immediately.

Please cancel your appointment immediately if you - or any member of your household - is sick with a cold, flu, stomach virus, etc. I prefer that everyone in the home has been free of any illness, virus, or fever for at least 48 hours before an appointment.

Your health - and therefore our health - affects all of our clients. If we get sick we must cancel all client appointments until we are completely well. We do not wish to bring any unwanted germy guests into your home, so please help us stay healthy so we can continue to help you and others.

What happens if I don't re-confirm my appointment?

If we have a scheduled appointment, I will call, text or email (using your noted preferred method) to re-confirm with you a day or two before we are going to meet. If you do not reply by 8pm the night before our scheduled appointment date, I will cancel your appointment and contact my waiting list in order to fill your spot.

Because many of my clients are chronically disorganized and forget appointments, I need to have a confirmation from you before I drive to your home the next day. This applies to each and every appointment. I will always check in with you prior to an appointment, even if we've verbally confirmed and agreed upon the date and time at our last meeting.

What happens during the first work session?

In most cases, we'll have had an opportunity to meet for an estimate before we begin. During the estimate we'll have discussed what's working and what's not working for you, deterimed your main goals, and laid out a plan based on your goals. If you're working with a team member, I'll have passed this information on to them.

During the first work session, we'll work together side by side to go through clutter and make some decisions. Once we know what items need to be donated, discarded, returned or given away, then we can see what's actually being used or what really needs to be stored. Then we'll begin to find a 'home' for everything. At the end of the first session, we'll discuss the progress we made, determine the next step, and decide how to proceed during following sessions.

What do you charge?

Labor is billed according to the chart below and is based on the number of hours and the number of organizers working on your project.
If we finish early and don't use all the hours in your package, you can choose to receive a refund for the remaining balance, or you can choose to carry it over as a credit on your account and use it for touch ups throughout the year.

4 hours / 1 organizer $260         
5 hours / 1 organizer $325
6 hours / 1 organizer $390

A Little Help Please
4 hours / 2 organizers $440
5 hours / 2 organizers $550
6 hours / 2 organizers $660

Just Get It Done
Perfect for Larger Jobs and Moving In/Unpacking!
4 hours / 3 organizers $600
5 hours / 3 organizers $750
6 hours / 3 organizers $900
4 hours / 4 organizers $800
5 hours / 4 organizers $1000
6 hours / 4 organizers $1200

A Quick Touch Up
Regular maintenance for existing clients

2 hours / 1 organizer $130
3 hours / 1 organizer $195

A Big Touch Up
Regular maintenance for existing clients
2 hours / 2 organizers $260
3 hours / 2 organizers $390

What are my payment options?

I accept cash or checks and payment is due IN FULL at the end of each work session unless prior arrangements have been made.

Credit cards may be processed through PayPal, however, if you choose PayPal, your invoice must be paid IN FULL PRIOR to all  scheduled work sessions.

Are there any service charges?

Appointment cancellation fee: $25 - 48 hours notice required for rescheduling.
Returned check fee: $30; PLUS the original value of the check.
Late payment fee: $10 per incident.
Travel Fee: Determined by distance required for travel.
Shopping Fee: One time fee of $35 plus actual cost of merchandise.

Do you sell organizing tools?

You DON'T have to spend a fortune on bins or baskets to organize your home!  Most of us already have the supplies we need lying around the house! I'll help you use what you have to creatively restructure and organize your spaces.  If there is a specific need and you wish to purchase any organizing tools, I'll be happy to make product recommendations and help you make the right purchase. 

Paper Management may require the purchase of filing supplies. I can, however, purchase any supplies necessary at your request. All that's required is reimbursement for the items purchased plus a one-time shopping fee of $30.

Will you use photos of my home?

If you would like before and after photos for your own personal use I will be happy to take them for you.

I do not use any photos without specific written permission from the home owner. Photos may be placed on my website, facebook page, or other online advertising site if you sign a release form giving me permission to use them.

What if something is broken or damage is caused during a home organization?

I will use the utmost care and take every precaution while handling your possessions and working in your home and on your property.  I treat every object with respect and exercise extreme caution while moving and relocating items within your home. 

By contracting my services, the Client agrees that I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE for any damage occurring during the services agreed upon, including any services or actions not listed in writing but agreed upon verbally during work sessions. This clause includes, but is not limited to, personal possessions, furniture, walls, flooring, ceilings, electronics and appliances.

I may decline to move extremely heavy furniture or highly valuable items.

Help! I have insects and other household pests.

I have worked with pesky uninvited guests including mice, roaches and other creepy crawlies on many occasions. I am not squeamish. While I do not mind working in homes dealing with these issues, I do appreciate knowing in advance so I can take healthcare safety precautions. Please let me know if you have any issues and we'll work together to find the best way to eliminate the problem from your home.

Do you work with household pets?

I love animals and I never have any issues with cats, dogs, ferrets, hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, turtles, snakes, fish, birds, lizards, etc. As a matter of fact, I love petting and playing with your pets as much as you do and I know having them around can often soothe your nerves if your having trouble making organizing decisions. If you have a pet that is sensitive to loud noise or sudden movement, please let me know in advance. If you have a small pet that may get stepped on if we are moving things I may ask you to confine them for a brief period for their safety. It would break my heart to accidentally hurt someone's pet.

Will you help us clean up after dealing with lice or bedbug situations?

I do not work in homes with active/recent lice issues. I do not work in homes with bedbug issues.

Are gift certificates available?

Gift certificates are available in any amount you choose and are valid for 6 months from the date purchased. Certificates may be re-gifted to another party but may not be 'returned' for cash. Please be certain the intended recipient has expressed a need/want for this type of service before you purchase a gift certificate. Just call or email to place your order. You may mail a check or send payment via PayPal. We can mail or email the certificate to you or directly to the recipient.

Notice: Team members are independent contractors and provide their own liability insurance.

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